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Environmental Training for Small Business Owners 

Environmental Training for Small Business Owners 

Length: 3 months (JUL -SEPT)                                                                                                                                                               

Materials: Training materials provided                                                                                                                                Cost:Free for Small Business Owners                                                                                                      

This course is a basic introduction to the environmental education and resources small business owners in Prince William County need to operate in a more sustainable way.


This course covers environmental sustainability concepts, local laws and regulations, and tools available to assist the small business owner with the development and management of an environmental program for their business. Developed with the small business owner in mind, this three month training course includes virtual instruction taught in part by environmental subject matter experts and local environmental organizations.




MODULE ONE: Environmental Literacy

Students will learn about environmental literacy and real-world application

          1. Definition of Environmental Literacy

          2. Importance

          3. Personal and Civic responsibility

MODULE TWO: Prince William County Regulations and Requirements

          1. Prince William County Codes

         2. Reporting


MODULE THREE: Environmental Program Management 

Students will learn about resources for program development and management

         1. Environmental Audit

         2. Needs-based program development

         3. Program management and maintenance


Dates for 2024: Second Tuesday of each month, JUL-SEPT

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